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There are no words to really express how happy and satisfied I am when leaving  Caramel City. Simone is an awesome stylist. Its not a salon anymore, its home. if you havent been happy, you will be after your visit with the one and only weave master, Simone...


Omg! You are not getting your hair done if it is not at Caramel City! I have been getting my hair done there for about 3 about three years now, and I am always satisfied. The Atmosphere is warm and friendly. People are always coming up to me and asking "where did you get your hair done?" Then they proceed to ask if they can "touch it"  because it looks so real. Caramel City is the best hair salon in Brooklyn, hands down! You will leave with a smile on your face and a load of confidence. Thanks Caramel City. You have changed my life!


WOW! Its all coming along! You know how much I love you and support this great business you have started. Also being a part of it and getting to have a hand in the growth and success of your journey is a great experience. Your such an amazing and talented woman and that does not even speak for what kind of friend and leader you are to me. I LOVE CARAMEL CITY, who knew getting your hair done could bring such strength and confidence to your everyday life. That is what Simone does for you! Stay tuned the best is sure to come from Caramel City ladies!!!!!!!!


Straight to the point, Caramel City is the best salon! Simone is a gifted stylist. Very friendly atmosphere; it's all about you, and what you want. If you haven't been there yet you need to hurry!!!! You will walk out a whole new person.


I have been a faithful customer to Simone since 2004. I have moved to another borough, but I always come back. I will never go to another salon. Simone is not only my stylist but my friend. She is always courteous and pleasant. I have referred numerous clients to her and no one has been disappointed.


I am so happy that everything is coming along for you, Simone. Great things come to those who are good to others, and Simone you are that and more. You do not know how you make me feel after you have styled my hair. It doesn't matter if it is an updo or a full head weave, you always execute with such patience and precision that is always astounding. You are more than a stylist you are a motivator, a morale booster, and all in all a friend. There are more blessings waiting for you, just make sure to keep grabbing for them. Thank you for creating a beautiful haven for your clients, I truly appreciate it.

Kiarra Smothers

AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! PERFECT! These are all the comments I get when I get my hair done by Simone at Caramel City. She truly listens to the customer, and makes you feel good about your hair, and yourself when you leave her chair. I wasn't a big weave person at first, but if you want the best weave in the city, done to perfection~ This is your place!



BEAUTIFUL!!! Simone, again "Thank you so much" I LOVE my new look!!! My 5 year old neice said to me, "I can't stop looking at your hair, it's so beautiful." Then she stated "I can't wait until I get big and can do my hair like that.".....LOL As always, I'm so proud of you!!! I have to start thinking of what my next style will be ;-)


Michele Murphy

OMG!!! I have never experienced anything like this! Simone and all of the Caramel City girls are the best! When I first got my hair done I was amazed! My weave look so real.  If you didnt know me, you would have absolutely thought it was my hair. Everyone comes up to me and ask me where do I get my hair done and I send them straight to Simone!!! I will never go anywhere else! Thanks Simone for always making me feel welcomed.



Well Well Well,To all of the ladies out there who wants to look absolutely stunning when they get out of their stylists chair this is the place for you!!! If you're looking for an honest compassionate and dedicated Hair Artist, yes i said Artist because the work that I've seen perfromed by this wonderful and positive Stylist has been amazing. From my first weave to my last this is the stylist that I would recommend to every female who wants to look in that mirror and dance. Caramel City is a " Force to Be Reckoned With". I love my stylist what more can I say her work speaks for itself.
I would also like to say that her staff is awesome as well. A warm place to get your pretty on.



Thanx Simone!!!! Im always satisfied when leaving Caramel City. From the first time i visited Caramel City which was the summer 2009, I ve been hooked. She is a miracle worker, and truly an expert in her field. She listens to the needs of the customer and provides excellent service in a really comfortable work environment. I would recommend everyone to visit Caramel City, because you will NEVER leave there disappointed.

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Athena Jackson

There's no words to describe how much I love this place. All the stylist have vibrant personalities and they promote healthy hair. I travel from NJ, but it's well worth the travel. I only go for installments, however if I lived closer I would have no problems coming in regularly for a wash and curl. She is truly amazing and I wouldn't try her for anyone cheaper. "You get what you pay for" and I get excellent service here.

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Shacora Parson

Thank You Tamarra I Came From P.A to see Simone however she was ill and I went to Tamarra the same reviews Simone get Tamarra should get as well she really did her thing with my hair as my bestfriend would say my hair is laid for the gods honey lol thanks Caramel City the flyest salon in Brooklyn.


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